Indy Weekend: Walker Gals

 I was looking forward to Sunday as much a Saturday...

DH googled a place he wanted to try.  I told him I knew exactly where it was.
I passed it countless days on my way to completing rotation hours at the downtown 
hospitals, years {a few} ago. 
It was Sunday morning, and a few others had the same idea.
They were totally worth the long line of many in pajamas.

We drove around, like we have before.  We saw our first home.
It has been painted a different color,
but the neighborhood feels much the same.
I love the memories we have in this home.
The start to our marriage...
eating Penn Station by the fireplace the night we got married
spending our first night together here and being picked up by a limo for our honeymoon the next day.
The dreams we conjured for our future...nieces and nephew coming to stay,
kitties, sharing mowing of our beastly hill, evening walks around the neighborhood,
scrap booking in the dining room, arranging the fiesta in my hutch,
the best ever closet, shelves Dan built in the garage and our mini garden hillside
...I LOVED this home, love that so many dreams have come true.
I often wonder how different our lives would be if we had stayed in Indy.

One thing is for sure...I would hug the neck of my college friend, Toni...a LOT more often!

Sam and Miss Emma, such a joy to meet their newest blessing.

In true Toni fashion, she cooked us up a morning feast that was delicious..good thing our early morning doughnuts had worn off! It was a gorgeous morning to enjoy their new swingset
on the back deck!

There is something so rewarding about holding your friend's child.
The child you dreamed about with them!  Emma Grace, you are so loved - that was very clear!

Boys had fun with Eli and Evan on the EPIC new swingset, Joe LOVED it

Sam discovered that he is as tall as Toni, and enjoyed talking over
his pick up trip with Aunt Toni who came along to Guatemala, 10 years ago this week.
She got out her photo book, he loved it.

Sam liked this swinging thing and giggled galore.
Dan holding babe in the background!

Love this, loved our visit.  Cannot wait to see them again!

Passed my old pharmacy stopping grounds in Mooresville on our trip,
we took another way home due to the construction on 69.
I don't miss much about this place, although at the time I enjoyed my job.
Looked forward to the challenge of the long shifts, the weekends were lonely and long though
My usual days thru the week were 8a-9p, 9a-6p on Saturday and Sundays were 11-5 by myself.

We made it home in time for an evening swim.
These are often our favorite because the water is warm and the sun is low!