New Goals

Indiana boys must have a basketball goal.
Our last goal bit the dust on a strong storm we had.
And after we got over being sad (and deciding we might use the backboard inside)
we found a replacement.
It took a few days of persistence on DH's part, but he had the boys with him
teaching him the parts.
I took the pictures from inside because no of them appreciated my taking pictures (and not helping,ha)

Finally backboard time, but it was dark by the time we finished
and there was school the next day.  But, DH came home at lunch the next day to string the net.
And, after school our basketball loving boy
was back in action.

He has some new goals now.
40 shots like Joe's 40 catches.  Last 10 must be makes.
Passing drills and dribbling also part of the daily work.