Weekend Seaside: Day 1

We were a bit leery of Hurricane Hermine that was building off
of Florida's Gulf. Wednesday night we did much research on how much it would affect our trip.
We toyed with staying home for safety.  Dan's parents and Aunt Polly double checked
to make sure we were SURE we wanted to go...
It seemed it would hit south of us near Sarasota, we could be in for rain.

But, we awoke on Friday to sunny skies and crazy (for this beach) waves!
Beach pics are my favorite on my camera roll.
And the top row.
I was trying to get a decent picture, but that was a mistake...
I caught Sam popping Joe (last pic) for NO reason (according to Joe).
Mama cannot report if there was a reason, their squabble was drowned out by crashing waves (win)

Joe and I woke up early and went to check out the surf.
We could tell from our balcony that the water was much closer than usual.
It was high tide AND the storm was pushing the waves in further.
Gorgeous as ever and sun was on our backs!

We have seen red flags before for safety, but never double red.
I was a little worried what this meant for beach days.
Trying to capture how unusually close it is to the dune.
And practicing our cursive skills on the beach
We came back up and DH had been to a new donut shop in Ft Walton
and brought home a pumpkins spice latte for me - I couldn't be rude!

We were down early to claim our front row chairs
and began our sand/sun time.

We will also insert here that we are sad about the new construction next door.
It does not take away our balcony view, but it does restrict it somewhat (no more pier from balcony).
Our association fought its placement on the beach (hoping it was pushed further back),
but we did not win.
I am sure there were many that fought Waterscape being built, but we are thankful for the memories it has provided us.  Next door will do the same for many other families for sure!

Love this sweet picture.
They love this place.

This looks terrible blown up, poor Joe.
He quickly retaliated and they were back to beach buds
and out to the waves.

This gentle side of Sam is much more charming.
He found a shell and knew mom would be watching.

We were all out in the water a lot this trip.
Just waist high (DH is bent down to help Sam ride wave in)
It was very rough.
And we took time to baseball on the beach.
DH and Joe love this.  

Back upstairs for lunch. We took hamburgers and hot dogs and DH grilled them first day and
we heated them up after that for lunch (thumbs up on that).
Easy mac and grapes rounded out lunch.  
and back downstairs for pool time.
Joe braved the popular lily pads.
And we swam around in this pool for a change.
He went back upstairs.

And I was forced to enjoy a bit more seabreeze.

We ate supper at one of our favs, their pizza and nachos are a must have.

This time we feed the fish off the back dock.
Sam was laying on the dock, he loved it.

We were back in to teach the boys a new game that Sam had asked to get: Clue.
Huge hit this trip.
It was a classic that DH and I had forgotten how to play,
had fun remembering and passing it on.
I have to laugh when I think about how we restrict their video games, etc due to violence...
and what is the premise of this age ol game?