Everyday Moments!

Reflecting back to the ride home makes me realize that some of our best times
are on the journey.
These boys are the best of friends from time to time.
No movies or xbox or electronics for almost a 5 hour stretch while we were driving home.
They played guys.  

DH checked a spot of his list.
He has been want try this restaurant, grew up hearing about family driving to eat there.
He loved it.
The boys enjoyed it.
I liked their napkins.
And when we made it home, Joe got in his 40 catches.
40 catches with the last 10 in a row, no misses.
Every day.
I love hearing the ball roll down the roof.
I join him from time to time.
I have also improved, ha.

A day off had me working around outside, pulled out summer flowers
We are ready for a few pumpkins!
After school, pudding and cool whip. Small treats. Floods of good feelings
Spotted this boy working on homework (he is not using a protractor yet)
He would like to learn how, so we've been working on it.

This guy asked for a lunch date with mom.  DQ is closed for renovation 
so this guy chose Chinese.  I was full ALL day long.

And then this.  He has discovered how to use Amazon.
He brought me the exact amount of money needed to buy a game he wanted.
I fell for it.
This time, hope I am stronger next time.

And let me tell you about Joe, he is precious.
He lays out his clothes every night (after I tuck him in bed, ahem)
 This was Sunday night for the next two days.
I am in love with this.  He has underwear and socks, too.

He got new cleats.  He was pumped.  We had to send a picture to dad.

Snuck in a another one of Jaelyn's volleyball game.
Love watching her and her teammates.  They play very well togther~

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Blake Callahan said...

Okay the Amazon game lol!!!!!