Long Condo Weekend Ahead: Remembering the Drive

Last week - we were gearing up for a much needed long weekend at the condo...
This is how I found Sam before the night before we left.
It was a sure sign that relaxation was in order!

And I had a short shift 8-2 before we picked the boys up from school
and zoomed south until we reached the sand!
I had a little breakfast party - a chocolate mint iced coffee
AND pumpkin cake from Blake.  It was more carbs than I have had in months, lol

Boys came bounding out of school
and we headed south - south of Nashville before our 1st stop.
And those boys were EXCITED for a new addition this trip.
DH offered them to take the XBOX in the van.
HUGE hit. And I chalk it up to the memories we are making!
We say no often to video games, vacation seems like a good yes day!
And, I was satisfied- as long as it didn't come in the condo!!

We stopped and enjoyed Cracker Barrel, we have that stop down to 40 minutes
and these boys are full for the night!
They love playing checkers and the peg game, great break!
Next stop...condo (well, not quite, bathroom then condo)