Weekend Seaside:Day 2

We woke up to another sunny day.
We grabbed some breakfast at Waffle House - this is Sam's favorite because of the blueberry waffle.
They removed that from the menu. Boo, he was VERY disappointed.  Waitress felt bad, he didn't hide his disappointment.  Some extra bacon made him feel better (he is my child, after all)
We walked back.

One of my favorites, sand toys from the owner's closet piled by the door.
We knew the sand and surf  and salty air would clear up Sam's cough.
A couple neb treatments continued from home sealed the deal!
Back down for day 2 seaside.

We saw a lot more lifeguards on this trip.  They patrolled the coastline,
only allowed people out to first break and had some areas blocked off with red flags due to undertow. 

Sam and I spent some time flying kite.
We love this, after time with Grandpa, he is really good at it now.

This might be a favorite picture.
His own sand lounger
We played here a great long while, but I had to give up on pictures because the waves were so rough
I thought I might drop my phone. I just joined in and forgot the pics!
Up to enjoy the pools, Sam on the lily pads

We finished up and headed to our VERY favorite...Pompano Joes.
I'll remember this one for a long while.  We were seated seaside
and we laughed and ate seafood, it rained on Sam and I who were not under umbrella
saw a rainbow and start of a cloudy sunset.
These are my people, so thankful for them.
God orchestrates the best plans.

Stopped for some races at the track.  
Boys and their toys. 
And a favorite - Books and Nobles.
Joe loves all things book store.
Some trips we go to both Books A Million and Barnes and Nobles.
He was satisfied with one this trip, it was called Books and Nobles according to him.