Soccer Season 16

Soccer time has arrived again.
I know VERY little about soccer
 It is my favorite sport to watch as a mama.
Favorite because, as I see it, my kids are doing awesome just being on the field. 
 I don't know where they are supposed to be if they are out of position,
We don't have refs/umps really, so they don't miss calls (ha).
And, being a basketball/baseball area...I am not alone. 
 So, most of the parents watch our kids in oblivion and enjoy.  The way it should be.
  It has to be the best for the kids, too.  

1st practice, Sam in white by the goal.
Sam's 1st game.
Playing as goalie, he defended several, but they did score 1.

And cousin Drew is on Sam's team, love it when that happens.  He defended 2 penalty kicks against his best bud Isaac. This was in Sam's second game, which happened before Joe's 1st game.

Finally, Joe's turn.  A couple of his buddies are on the team this year.

Joe's turn as goalie.  Proud of these boys.