Jaelyn Volleyball

So proud of my niece Jaelyn.
I couldn't believe how mature she looked 
in her school volleyball picture (26).
Also looked forward to seeing her play this season.

And her team made small town news when they won their tourney against our school rivals.
When this happens, and the mayor is in attendance, we get out the fire trucks.
I just happened to be getting off work as the firetruck escort came thru.
Stopped and captured the parents showing their support.

There is nothing that compares to small town pride.
Lump.  Seriously, Sam was along with me
and he was trying to understand...I finally told him that it really didn't make sense.
But, it was pride and showing appreciation and support for the girls' hard work.
So cool.

And I finally made it to one of her matches!  
She served like a pro and they did not have much competition - fun to watch them work together.