Family is Everything

This post started about my niece Jaelyn.
We love watching her play sports - any sport, really.  She excels at Volleyball, Basketball and Softball - and academics too - she is pretty awesome.
We've gotten to know her friends thru the years and they are sweet friends!
Her team is undefeated this season so far...couple of tough games coming up.
They played Oolitic Thursday night and Oolitic had beat them by 13 last year.
The girls battled hard this year and came out on top! Goooo Lions!

Jaelyn had a big crowd for the this game.  So many of us came to support her.
We don't make it to everygame, in fact, I thought we had the night off.
But, then I looked at the schedule and saw that J played and we packed up and headed into the gym.

But, look at her crowd waiting to congratulate her after her win.
It doesn't get any better than this.

Everytime I see her in the paper, I take a picture and send it to her.
Yep, I'm that annoying aunt.  
I don't care, want her to know that I am proud.
After all, she is named after me...Jaelyn Elizabeth - insert heart emoji - blogger really needs to get up with the times.