Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving day was a blessed one for sure,
 and the beginning of a 4 day stretch off work AND school.
I had planned to make rice krispes with that crispy rice box I had purchased earlier in the week.
And we had our marshmallows melted and ready for the krispies and we opened the box
and it was...almost empty - and then I remembered that those empty cereal bowls
for every morning that week (the boys usually eat while I am getting ready in am).
We giggled and pulled in the cereal reinforcements to come up with our own krispie treats.
We had fun. They were pretty.
But, alas, thumbs down on taste.  TOOOOO sweet.

We enjoyed our morning and headed to my family's Thanksgiving lunch
at my grandparents home - now called Uncle Carl's house.

My nephew Cole got to hold my cousin Amber's son, Boone.
Boone doesn't LOVE just anyone holding him and he fell asleep to boot!  
So precious.

It was a chilly but dry day _I chased Joe down for a coat after this picture (and a little reminder from my cousin Jonna, lol).  I knew the cousins would be exploring out side if they could.
They were DIRTY when we left.  That meant fun had occurred.

Cars always line this familiar gravel drive and when they stretch to the corner and turn,
you know its a great group!
This pile isn't usually here, but became the play pile for Thanksgiving.
I don't know what these crazies were doing except avoiding my camera
Dan snapped a couple of pics from across the room. 
Noah, Jill, Will, me and Taylor (Cole's sweet girlfriend).
I treasure these pics.  We were playing on snapchat and laughing so hard we about cried.

So grainy and blurry, but I love my brother and treasure our friendship.

No pics but the laugh at the Walker Thanksgiving was my taco salad.
When DH (graciously) braved Walmart the day before thanksgiving to get supplies, he brought home
Thousand Island dressing (needed for Catholic taco salad, a post for a later day).
But, he brought home Smokey and Tangy Thousand Island...
well, no one said anything until I was headed out the door and some one said...did you do something different to the salad today?  My mama started the Taco Salad tradition in 198something and everyone knows how it should taste. Yep, busted.  Blech.  Two Thanksgiving fails.

We left and headed to the Grabers (they ate lunch, too) to visit, and visit we did
because we stayed so long we also ate their leftovers for supper.
Kids around cousin Andre's ipad, playing the latest game, I am sure.

And clay pigeon shooting, but I had taken my boots off 
and it was too cold to go out any further, so these pics would have to do.

We played a rousing round of Taboo, lots of laughs. I had not played that in a while.  Boys had fun with a new to them game.
And there ever popular Rook

We have spent the last several Thanksgiving days in Florida,
it was nice to be near our whole family this year.
Great memories and reminders of our many reasons to be Thankful.

Psalm 9:1

I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart;
I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.