Reminds me of my Dad

This ol jewelry box sits proudly atop my Hoosier cabinet in the bathroom.
It does not contain one valuable piece of jewelry,
but it is full of value to me.

It was my dad's box.  I don't think he was a man of much jewelry
but he had a few treasures.  I have to think my mama might have
opened this box and had a many of tears after he died in 1984.
I don't remember seeing her do this, she was always so strong for us kids!

My dad was a hard working coal miner and this button likely fit him to a T.
He was a part of the union and sometimes was on strike in the late 70s, I imagine
this button was used a few times then.  He did not like being on strike, would have just rather
worked for fair working conditions.  But, I also notice so other funny buttons that remind me of my dad's personality and sooooo much of my brother Scott.
The Weeblo must be Will's - for sure.
And the silver watch band was ever present on my dad's arm.
The edge of avaitor glasses are showing and those were my dad's signature sunglasses,
 think Chips (the cops on motorcycles TV show).

Belt Buckles, Clippers, Name Badges, metal letter tags, watches stopped in time
 - not one of these items are really valuable
 -but all together they are full of memories and a treasure.

I wish I had my dad for a few (or forever) more years. 
My eight years are full of good and plentiful memories.

And, there is this sort of perfection that comes from remembering a loved one.
As far as I can remember, my dad was perfect. 
 A sort of feat that is difficult for a mortal to accomplish.

Oh, how I long for the grandkids to know Grandpa George.  
He lives on thru family for sure.  
He would be proud of who we are and how close we have stayed.