A December Week!

Snapshots from this week...

I just snapped a pic at work on Monday, well because I just knew
we were going to rock that day.
It was early in the morning and we had Emily as a relief tech///we were rocking and rolling.
We did rock that day and every day this week.
December and January in the pharmacy are intense...sickness, insurance changes, 
PTO days to cover - we just approach them with a positive can do attitude!

Worked an 11 Monday but only a 6 Tuesday which meant I was on school pick up/practice run duty a couple of days this week, my favorite!!!!
It does not matter if it is frigid cold, these boys love to shoot a few hoops on this goal.
I have found myself parked here no less than a dozen times this year.
The tiny basketball stays in the van for times just like this.

Another reminder.  So much truth - we try to tackle it all.
I want to cover my kids with a sort of sheild, but that is God's job if I am obedient to him.

Wednesday night discovery club pick up.  Same thing.  They come out (no matter the temp) ready to play a round of some sort of paper ball - they know moms are waiting but need about 3 minutes to rouse around and then they come ready to go home - LOL. Oh these everyday memories
will soon be missed and cherished beyond what I can imagine.

Friday I was off work and DH spoiled Joe by taking him out for lunch.  
They sent me this picture while I was Christmas shopping.
{they shared the bowl and still could not finish}

I was shopping with the Graber ladies - see that snowflake in my hair?  It was a perfect snowflake flying kind of getting ready for Christmas day!
And we finished the night with a Varsity Basketball win over Forrest Park at the Lions Den.
I am doing Friday Forecasters(local radio show about area basketball predictions with a little plug for your business) on the radio this year - and this game should give me a boost.