Mother's Day Weekend!!

What a blessed Mother's Day weekend it has been.
And we still have a birthday party tonight!
I worked yesterday a health fair and at the pharmacy, but came home
to laundry done and yard mowed.
DH offered to go to Evansville for the night 
but the boys and I opted to stay home.
We enjoyed church this morning and they took me to Fazolli's for lunch!
Sam was so happy to have his picture taken.

Pics from our fun weekend!
Playing with a turtle DH found while working in the yard.

Joe asked me to take a selfie with him, of course baby boy!

DH grilled my favorite last night for dinner, marinated turkey!

Joe gave me his present from School, he was worried because I already had one.  But I told him I needed one for work!

And then he helped me was the dishes!

My Iris are really pretty right now!

These are the selfies that Sam and Joe each took and sent a message to grandma
for Mother's day.  They also added every emoji in the book!!

We headed out fishing this afternoon.
Loved it. I did.  Probably wasn't my first choice for Mother's Day
but it was my boys.  And when they are happy I am too!

My Mother's Day Selfie with my fish

 DH was happy with the bass he caught.
We put him back but kept a few bluegill :)

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