Covering the Goal: Forever Callahan

I'm not much of a blogger for show or tutorials,
but thought I would throw out the basketball goal cover in case
it would help some one!
Here is the only (front the front) picture I have.

A before I found while we were setting up.
We thought about leaving it, not worrying about it.
Our friend and decorator Jolene told us the not worry about it...
but the bride was hoping it would be covered so we gave it a whirl.

And from the stage where the bride and groom sat, it was at eye level.
She also wanted lanterns, quite a statement from her view, right?!?

The goal was right above the appetizer chip bar and it made a canopy right above this.

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This was our inspiration photo, we got a little off track but there isn't much out there!!

So we covered the goal with a large table cloth, then used organza to drape over the top and make the canopy area.  The navy blue is tulle ribbon.  We pinned the organza and ribbon with straight pins and just used duct tape to secure the table cloth.


Considering the drape area was above the guests' heads, many probably didn't even look up and notice the goal area, so I would say it was successful!

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blake walker said...

Very successful!!