Blinged Out Grad Cap!

Morgan and I had fun designing her grad cap!
She sent me pins on pinterest and it looked so simple
And once we nailed down a design it was simple.
It was good quality time too!
I love hearing about her dreams and plans.
So at one time we had a design semi nailed down and the stones placed 
around the cap and Sam came along and tilted the cap saying...that looks great AND
the stones slid off the cap and tumbled onto the counter and floor
GASP, we all laughed and started with a new design.
I would recommend laying out the whole perimeter because as we hit the corners
they came together awakard and we were glad we didn't glue down until the end.
I glued and laid them on the cap and Morgan kept them all in line :)

We love how it came together!

We also tried a bow for the back, but we could see the loops from the front
so I left it up to Mo and she nixed it 

She looked so classy!

More pics here Morgan Ann, PTA

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Blake Callahan said...

Love it! Her cap was so cute!!