Visiting our Farmer

We were at the farm.
 And that is one of these shiny sharp and very dirty discs that prepare 
the ground for planting seed.  They were getting a little pampering mid planting season.

The boys and I hurried home from school to do our homework and pack a snack
{hence the black flowered lunch box} so we could go see DH.
We have to sneak this visits in...the other four nights are full of baseball!

And now it is clear why he is SO dirty when he comes home

DH took us on an adventure on the gator.  

He tried as he might to get a dogwood out of the deepwoods. 
But it was too big :(

We ate dust anyway.  Seriously it was so very dusty.
Like the kind of dusty when DH says yeah, just think there is enough grit in your teeth that you won't have to brush them.  Well... anyway.
Little Joe was so dusty that he kinda looked like a white boy.

And DH took about 20 phone calls, this is his office you know.
He ordered bean seed for the morning and later we confirmed the fuel truck was
coming to Graber Hill for it's 3rd or 4th trip to fill up the farm's diesel tank.
That big JD can cost over $600 in fuel to run for a full day.

DH dropped us off down the hill from the farm and we headed back earlier than
dark, cause that is what time he comes home.

As we were walking we saw grandpa planting in the bottom.

And we said good-bye to grandpa-great and Larry before we headed home.
We all needed baths and finished up some laundry...
my collection from farmer's pockets this load...

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