FWB May 15

4 full days tucked into the end of May
friends we made while youth sponsors at our church
2 dads, 2 moms, 4 full of fun kiddos
and a condo with a beach and pool
we made a lot of memories
FWB 15

We enjoyed a dolphin cruise this trip.
It was super rough and windy but we saw dolphins!!

And can't forget the IPHONE pics, I have a hard time blogging those, they don't upload well :(

Joe lost his front tooth in FL this trip!!

Sam passed his dad and did not look back.

Stuart Little by the pool

After Waffle House...Sam age 9 and Joe age 7 2015

Lela and Tori, Dylan and Greg

Sam was excited to have his picture taken. Tee hee.

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