Morgan Ann, PTA

Morgan Ann Walker, Associate of Science, Physical Therapy Assistant!
Today was Morgan's college graduation from Vincennes University.
So, so proud of her hard work and dedication to become a PTA.
Quite an accomplishment for this 19 year old niece of mine.
Love her!

We found her in the sea of graduates.
Well some of us.  About 3/4 the way through the ceremony we discovered that Noah thought 
she was on the opposite side of the graduates.
We all needed a good laugh by then, ceremony was pretty long!

We had so much fun decorating her cap.  She came over this week and we designed away!

Sam had a rose to give to Morgan and he could not wait!
Morgan talked to her mom, and Blake and her dad and Ethan
and Sam was dying to give her his rose

I think she liked it :)

Proud parents and their girl!

Her feet were killing her by this point
so daddy came to the rescue!

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1 comment:

blake walker said...

Lol at that last pic! I missed that happening, I'm glad we could all be there for her ceremony (even if it was long lol!!)