Since school started.

Since school started,
our pace has hurried a bit.
We are adjusting to a new work schedule
and new teachers and we've added soccer to the mix too!
We had a blast at Jaelyn's volleyball game.
She is serving her 24th straight point in this picture
and brought home the victory for her team!

I have no idea, but he was sticking his wet bandanna on my window. Haha

And Sam used his money to buy a box...
not just any box this is a box for the letters that Isa sends him.
(he bought another box too - one to make for his special friend)

Painted for Golden State Warriors, of course.

This bunny is waiting for his tail to be repaired with a washcloth for a blanket.
I know someday these sights will be missing from our home.

Been loving my devotion time in the morning.
I schedule coffee and devotions for myself every morning

Boys walking their letters down to the mailbox before school.

Picking my big boy up.  I love his genuine smile.

And my work schedule allows me to get in a quick walk before school pick up 
(every other week,  I know, confusing) but I got to see my little man at recess.

Our moonflowers are in bloom.
The vine is HUGE, kinda taking over
and the flowers are so gorgeous and bloom only at night,
the smell is heavenly.

Seven years later, the trim around that door is white.
I know, BAM, we rock, right?

Big boy has been on neb treatments for a few days.
He hasn't been too bad but trying to keep his chest loose.

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