Fall Farm Day

I was invited to Sam's fall farm day at the 4H grounds.
It was, by far, my favorite field trip.
I was so thrilled that I got to go.

I had a sweet group of kids, and we rotated stations about every 20 minutes.
And WE learned so very much.
Sam absorbed it all.  He recounted every station
 (in order because his mind works that way)
for DH when we ate dinner that night.
I cannot say enough good things about this day. 

We saw a dog trainer and her special pup.

We made air popped popcorn and learned about the kernels and popping process.

We had purple cow smoothies.

And we held 1 day old baby turkeys

We learned a ton from a forester
and about ATV safety and bee keeping
and drug safety

And electric lines

And lunch was a hoot.  Many officers were there
and they had the two rival schools in our county cheering against each other.
I don't think the teachers loved it, but I thought is was loud and pretty awesome.

The day ended with a silly safari show, was super cute and Sam was thrilled
to be chosen as a volunteer.

Got to see nephew Drew all day too!
They served pizza and he got so tickled because every trip up
they gave him the piddly comer cut triangles, we laughed so hard.

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