Time Spent with Family

Both of our families lead full lives and when we enjoy it!
We enjoyed the Walkers' and it always comes with a game of whiffle ball.
I think Drew had just been beamed by the pitcher.  Yeah, we laugh...there's no crying in baseball.
Cole bought a new toy - Blake and Taylor enjoying a ride.
Will took me for a spin, too!

Between innings..take a pot break. Ha. Love him.
Christine would probably like to to tell you that the pot
was there to use as a fundraiser for upcoming event at church LOL.

We had another severe storm this week  - I was at work.
It was fast and furious, we headed to the basement there for safety.
It was over in moments.  There was more house and farm damage on our road
but we were spared this round.
Beautiful rainbow afterward.

My little man agreed to join me for our high school's production of Grease.
It was fantastic.
From the actors to costumes to set design very very good!
We were in line to buy tickets and a friend, Shirley, gave us her tickets..
front row to boot - bonus!

DH bought a new "small rifle" (whatevs)
and he and Sam stayed home to zero in the scope.
Sam was pumped after he hit his target on the board, he tried his aim at this pop bottle
and busted it big time!
We might have a busted pop bottle with casing on our shelf now - **might**