Cause Someday...

This morning I watched a mom entertain her two boys in the cart at Walmart.
It made me a little reminiscent.
It feels like that time in our lives is far behind and was gone in a snap.
I love each stage of life.
Just yesterday at school pick up Sam was telling me all about current events
and I spoke to Joe about showing grace to a classmate that had made a poor choice at recess.
How could you not love that?
  I cherish these times.  More than ever, feels like times that will define these boys.
And with these times come nerf turf wars.
Their are gaining independence and becoming individuals.
They play like friends and fight like siblings.

Our hallway looks like this  - someday I'll get around to fixing that floor...someday when the nerf bullets are all gone.

Someday this will be a lonely ol bathroom instead of a nerf war station...

Cause someday I'll remember those nerf war days and become a little reminiscent. 

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