Spring Break FriYay Fun

Spring Break Friday we planned to spend the day as a family!
We thought about going somewhere overnight, but the farm was busy enough
that one day away was enough -we run a lot it seems, boys were satisfied with the choice!

I looked up a new place to go - Elite Air in Newburgh.
We arrived before it opened - you know, the Graber early birds...so we scoped the place out
and found a Spring Break Deal.  Both boys jumped for 2 hours for $21  - they loved it.
Also has a Ninja Warrior type course which both boys enjoyed.

Sam spent most of his time playing dodge ball.

Joe made a few dunks.

We enjoyed lunch at a new to us place  - Charlie's Mongolian Grill.
Joe had asked for a place where they cook in front of us and this fit the bill.
We enjoyed it a lot - the experience was as fun as the food was good.
We also met Charlie...good times.
Sam had been here with Uncle Will so he showed us the ropes.

And a stop by Toys R Us for the boys to spend a little of the money they had earned from the new chore system.  Plans included large nerf guns, but a quick internet search showed that this store was more expensive...so both opted for a smaller gun and Joe a harmonica...satisfied and smart boys.

The fire in these two equal.  Look how innocent Joe looks in photo above...and now below...not so innocent this one. An instigator for sure....
Good memories, break well spent!