Fun at #BereaVBS


The first of the crew leaders and members arrving on Friday morning.
We tried a new format this year.  It had worked out really well.
We decided to try 2 sessions on Friday, 2 sessions on Saturday and 1 on Sunday with closing after!
We go 9-330 both days with a longer break for lunch and free time
 (still supervised...wink) for games at lunch.

Opening song celebrations

Bible Expeditions
Bible Games

Our lunch crew for day one.  

Preschool games!

And craft and play

Joe's crew - Green #4.  He really liked his crew!
And Sam's Crew #10 white.  
We tye-dyed shirts for the 2nd year.  Big hit with our VBS 
DH and I have our hands full for this station but the kids are so proud of their shirts!

Our recess balls did get a short break after a long workout!
More of the singing fun at Summit celebration!
We invite all ages to have fun!!

And more tye-dye fun!
Our 7-8th grade girls loved the fun!

 Afternoon snack time!

 Imagination station, the hands on activities are great!!

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Blake Callahan said...

That picture of Sam and Joe is adorable!!!