National League Champs!

Sam had a big week of baseball - it was National League Tourney week.
On Tuesday night Sam and Drew played (or versed, like Sam always says) each other.
They had fun watching the first game (between the other two league teams) together.
This picture makes me think of my dad (and mom) who spent hour upon hour at the fields.
They both LOVED little league.
Wouldn't they have been proud to watch their grandson's play ball at the fields!

And granddaughter Jaelyn plays fast pitch too.

This game was pretty intense!  We played a 4 inning tourney game - due to pitching that is usually the amount of innings we got in all season before the time limit.
So it was all tied up and we went into extra innings.

Koen struck out one of their batters and Sam was EXCITED> love the energy.

Here are pics of our Joey D.  He filled in several games during the season
because they were short players on other teams.
He played for the Nationals this week,  reached base every time he batted...twice because he got hit at the plate, but he was fine~

The Giants after their first win against the Pirates.
This one was bitter sweet, always is, because someone has to lose :(

 And Thursday night my boys played against each other for the title game.
Joe played for the Nationals again, he got a hit, but was thrown out at first.  I was really proud of him.
He told DH, I don't really want to beat Sam but I sure would like a trophy!

Sam's team came out on top.  Again sad because someone has to go home without a trophy!

 Proud of the Giants, they all played hard this season!
The coaches were: Eric Rasico, Nathan Waggner, Dan, and Pat Waggoner-Manager
Front row (because, it's my blog and I won't remember): Jaybe Waggoner, Austin Rasico, Isaac Waggoner, Koen Waggoner.
Back row: Gunner Fox, Bryar Walton, Sam Ausbrooks, Sam Graber, Justin Cronin, Cade Wilson.

And then, Coach Pat had extra trophies and he shared one with Joe b/c he helped out in this league a lot this year.  Big brother Sam was about as excited that Joe got a trophy as Joe was.
Pfew, everyone went home a winner at the Graber house, haha.

Joe tormented (and it was returned) Don Swartzentruber all season long,
he could not wait to show Don his trophy.

Sam and Isaac!

Of course we headed to DQ to celebrate!  
Love these boys.