Six months old!

Anniston you are six months old! 
You have your daddy's eyes.
You are so sweet, so quick to smile.
Still very cuddly, you love to be held but enjoy kicking out on your own too.
You rolled over often this day especially trying to make it over to me so that I would hold you,
love that.  You have great parents, so proud of your mama and how calm she is raising twins.

Mr Lane
You have your mama's brown eyes.
You were pretty serious this day, but I love it when you share your smile.
You would prefer to be held and even though it is only 1.5 lbs you seem smaller
than your sister!
You got mad during belly time and propelled yourself over to your back
bumped your head and the pout you gave, ha, you liked being soothed after though!
You loved the stroller and Joe pushed you around the house all day!
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