Vball State Run

Saturday we joined our little town in travelling 3 hours north to BSU
for the Volleyball State Finals.  We are super proud of the Lady Lions
and their state run!

One of my favorite parts is watching this cheer block.
  They are so funny and united, they cheered until the end..well we all did {wink}.

They start every game like this, laid back uninterested.
Then they start chanting
Go Lions Go Lions Go...over and over until they are all up


Our miss Mo is right behind Mr Teletubby

We had some cute fans like this too

And what a game we watched!  They left it all on the floor!
Down 0-2, the girls fought back to make it 2-2
and took the last set to 13-15
but we did lose.

They lost the game, but that's all.  They gained the respect of many!  
Proud of our Lady Lions!!!