Puss and Boots Costume

I didn't know I designed cat shirts...
but I did!
Sam has wanted to be Puss N Boots 
since late August...and a quick search of the internet
led to a silly plush costume that was way to pricey
for a one time wear and Sam didn't care for it...
so out came the creativity!

It started when Sam found this hat at Target...we snatched it up
and I spray painted a decor feather from the craft section at Walmart.
I wanted one of those large plume feathers, but they come in a large pack
and he was thrilled with this so...

The shirt was kinda a work in progress...
bought the orange shirt at Wally world and was ready to call it good
when we saw a kid at the Indy Zoo Boo with cat stripes on his sweatshirt.
I asked the mom how she did it, sharpie markers...hmmm
right up my alley.  I started with sharpie but finished with fabric marker..
just freehanded the stripes and filled them in.

and then Joe said, but mom, Puss and Boots has a white belly, 
but the white blob just wouldn't do

Plus I had a little boo boo to the left {wink}...
so I began that shading thing that the guy on TV with
the super low voice and fro does and it worked!

Sam and Joe approved.

Sam added my belt and boots (that almost fit, gasp)
and the batman cape from last year and a sword from the toy bin

Love him, and my favorite part of creating was the smiles and 
creative posing that I got.
He LOVED his costume and wanted to show everyone we saw!
Perry the platypus...up next!