I69 opening night

I must admit that the quality of these nighttime while in motion photos won't 
be some to go down in history, but the event will be remembered with a smile.
For the locals, all we have heard about is I69 and Monday night was set to be its debut.
DH emailed Allison and I at work on Monday morning and (twisted our arm) talked us into skipping our workout and taking the roadtrip.  We worked late and almost skipped the trip, but 
we put the kids in jammies and headed out!

We travelled north to Bloomfield which is the northern most point of I69 open at this point
and got on the interstate!
Much of our trip looked like this (below)
we had no idea where we were which is weird in an area that we have lived all our lives!

We were excited to see those 70mph signs, big city friends
all we see is 35mph signs around here!

And also weird to see our local cities on an exit sign!

So we drove on I69 on its opening night.  Snicker.
It made me laugh when DH thought of that, thought people would think we were crazy,
but I don't think we were the only ones!
Boys, your daddy is crazy!