Perry the Platypus Costume

Little man spotted this sweatshirt at Walmart...he was smitten
and he wanted to be Perry. Real bad.
So off I was to research about the man from Phineas and Ferb.
And do my best to bring him to life for one of the apples of my eye!

I bought 2 yards of orange fleece at Walmart...
Started by cutting out platypus feet, we adhered them to crocs with
velcro so they could be crocs again!

And then came the part where the liquid stitch would help me make a tail and beak
but it did not work {boo}...so out came my mad sewing skills.

We borrowed the awesome Agent P hat from my friend Renaee
and don't took too closely but I sewed his beak with and elastic strap

Cut out the tail and did the same

And he was impressed and thrilled to be Perry

Gah, I love these candid shots, he was really playing the part!

He had happy trick or treating and that is what counts!!!