Indiana Pacers!!!

Do you think they were excited about their surprise?
DH scored another big one this week when he found a super deal on Pacers tickets.
We love introducing the boys to our favorite sports teams.
They LOVE all things basketball right now... so this was a sure hit!
DH and I took the day off and we left around noon,
 we stopped for some lunch and the mall.
At lunch DH showed Sam the tickets and he read where we were going
and could not wait.

Sam knew they played at the place the Lions won the state, love that he 
remembered that!
We spun the wheel for a free item (we got a highlighter, Boomer magnet and chip clip, ha)

The dancers lined in the tunnel right beside us so we could watch them the whole game.
We were close to the action.
We were sure to be in our seats for the beginning, favorite part!

When the lights went down those eyes light up

and Joe made me laugh out loud...he was sitting in his seat because he would not let
go of the huge popcorn tub.  He had popcorn in both hands and when these
fireworks went off he shot both hands in the air and said...that is what I am talking about!
Love him!

Their size was impressive.  Those are some BIG boys.  

There is so much going on besides the game, the boys loved all the side action
and by the end Joe was trying to get the camera to notice his ROBOT dance so he could be on the big screen!  Boomer came close

and so did the camera folks with free pizza but we didn't get either!

We did score these cool balls that were shot into the audience with a ball popper.  I was so excited when one landed right behind Joe, he grabbed it and I had the instant thought of oh no..we are only going to have one ball
when I turned around DH caught one in mid air for Sam!!

Best part was an overtime victory for our Indiana Pacers!