Back to School Again

It's time to send our big kids back to college again.
We've had a great summer and it is hard to see them go,
but it is fun to celebrate their successes there too!  
Blake transferred to USI and we are happy that she will be
close enough to see more often!

Kurtis and Blake are college sophomores

There was a dunking contest, pretty impressive!

Cole is a Freshman this year.
I remember so well the year he was born {and all the times inbetween}

Ethan is a big bad senior at SHS

Love them, scrumptious

Morgan is a senior at LHS

We played wiffle ball, always do, but this time we played kids against adults!

Kurtis has birthday Aug 29, so he got an early present.
He is such a ham, I told him to give his surprise face, love his sense of humor!

The rest of the clan is 4th grade, 2 in first grade, and one pre K.

Oh my I love this crew, can you see why?