Last Day Play

Thursday was our last day to play for the summer
And between laundry and dishwasher loads, we did just that!

We played playdoh for almost 2 hours.  
I mean when you get a collection like this for your birthday
and you are 5 years old, you must try every last item.
Joe loved his gift from Kia and ML.
He preferred the John Deere Man to be like daddy
and Sam wanted a IU basketball player

And then it was time to turn this sign into something else cool

Mom's Cafe.
I let them order what they wanted, kinda knowing they might order PBJ
seriously I have some pretty content kids, but they mixed things up a bit
when they asked for pop.
But 1/2 mt dew it was for each of them!

Sam made me a sign that said Happy Birthday Mom.  I love your cafe (caf fay) mom. 

The real treat was choco covered bananas for dessert!