1st grade so far

He is lovin it.  And I am lovin this picture.
One day this week he was the student of the day.
I love seeing his answers, and judging from that list I am going to be a dog mom someday!

He also took in some pictures of his favorite people and things!

After a trade last week I was off on Friday, I called DH about noon and told him to take off a little early if he could to come pick up Sam from school.  It didn't work for him to do that at all last year.

Can we say excited when he saw that his race car was picking him up!

An afterschool rice krispie heart!

And a shirt for the rag bag... uh huh.
Sam came walking toward me and I saw the big hole.
I asked him about it and he said his scissors did it.
He said...I didn't know that would happen. 
Oh my!