Missing Each Other

I don't have any pics, but today my boys warmed my heart...twice.

They miss each other while Sam is at school.
Joe wanders around from toy to toy but never settles in...until Sam comes home.
I was putting away groceries and Joe was arranging every last chair and bar stool and covering them with blankets to make 2 tents so that he and Sam could play and be neighbors after school.
He searched all over the house and settled on my scarf to tie over Sam's eyes so it could be a big surprise.

We arrived at school to get Sam and they were happy to see each other,
Sam said wait I want to get you something special.
He has quarters in his backpack for snacks in class
He took Joe to the pencil dispenser and told him to choose a prize. 

Sam loved his tent when we got home.
Love these days.