Some Storms

Most of the day at the condo look like this.
Perfect sunshine and calm breezy conditions, Our visits have looked like this.  
But we (along with the other owners) have endured a couple big 'storms' from afar,
 times that looked a little uncertain.
In those times, we rely a lot on our resort management company and they have 
really been great.
But we mostly rely on God's plan! 
We purchased the condo in 2010 as an investment/enjoyment property.
A couple months after we bought the 
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill happened, oh my!
Rentals were slow that summer, but by the time we traveled in September
this was the only evidence left and it remained empty, thankfully!
We saw no evidence of the oil spill

 This week brought
Hurricane Isaac that threatened the Fort Walton Beach area too

This picture shows the pier just down from our condo

But, we are thankful that the path did not hit Fort Walton, and are saddened that it hit other areas.
Other areas, that already have disaster from years past.  
We are thankful today for God's protection in the storms!
He does hear our prayers no matter how small.