Joey D, You Are...

Joey D. 
Sunday, you turned five.
I know that a world away a foster mother longed to know
what five year old things you love...
I wonder if your birth mother longed to know the same things?

One thing I know for sure, your forever mama knows 
everything you love,
 everything you cherish,
 and everything that makes you unmistakably you.

Joey D, You are...

Creative- full of imaginative play, most often
superheros, dinosaurs, or cars with your brother

Happy - You make me Smile

Full of Energy - from the time you wake up until the time you fall over at night

Handsome - Your big brown eyes with to die for lashes, soft brown skin, dark hair and sweet smile capture lots of hearts

Inseparable from Blake if she is around


A baseball player


A Bug Napper?

Your brother's best friend

Not a pirate, but you would love to play one on TV!

Super Dooper Jumping Spider Man

Joey D, You are

unmistakably you.

We love you!
DH and Guat-Mama and Samo!