Cousins at College

We visited Blake on the first weekend of college last year...
and hated to break tradition.
She is a little closer this year and we do like that!  
So we grabbed Allison and went to visit Blake and Kurtis.
Drew and Jaelyn were over swimming all day so we just took them along 
to surprise Blake!

Gattitown picture overload!

Dan and Kurtis played Hoops twice (twice because K won the first time by 2)
 he won the second time by 2, too haha~
Joe was attached at the hip to either Blake or Kurtis the whole night!

Sam rode the bumper cars for the first time and his smile was
well worth it!

We made a quick trip over to campus to see Blake's new apartment.  She has a lot more room than the dorms, but DH and I both agree that it looks smaller than when he went there!
Seeing them again sure brought back a few memories!