The Indian On My Porch

Tuesday there was a little Indian on my porch.

He asked to use this sheet, he was certain it was an old sheet
It was not.
But, he got to use that sheet anyway, because it will wash.
He made himself a tepee with that sheet
and the sticks that had taken up permanent residence in my landscaping,
I just pretend they are not there or that they are large mulch chunks.  

And then he turned his tepee into a condo while I washed the dishes.
I had quite the view of the worker bee.

And then the Indian was hungry and he asked what they might eat?
Nuts and berries he thought, and I knew a normal paper sack would not do.
So while he got the perfect stick for me, I found one of my dad's old handkerchiefs.
And never mind the plastic bags - we did the best we could)

He went back to camp.

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