A Town's Dream!

We had a nice public pool in Loogootee for years and years. In the 50s the town raised around
$50k to build it.  It had some major issues a few years ago and it forced a shut down - it would take to 1/2 million dollars to fix it this time.  And to see your hometown, not only do this, but do it ONE YEAR sooner than the original fundraising timeline, wow that is indescribable.  We have some great
folks in this community,
 reminds me why I chose to live,
 build (my company's) business, 
and raise kids here.
So, when they announced that it was open for the last few weeks of the summer, 
we headed there straight away to enjoy a day.
I am proud of this super pool for our small town of 3500,
 nothing but positive comments since it has been open!

It has the same basic shape as the pool I spent my summers at, the same pool house.
It smells and feels the same.  Happy to see it rebuilt so my kids can enjoy too!

And lifeguard breaks, I had forgotton about those, but seeing all the kids line
the edges of the pool at the end of the break and jump in at the same time 
was so worth it!

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