Tubing on Patoka

Spent a fun day Friday with my friend Melissa and that turned into going out on their boat
Saturday after work.
I don't remember being to Patoka Lake much before, it isn't far and was very pretty, clear and since we went later in the day, wasn't too crowded.
These girls were tubing pros, but our boys hadn't been before.
Love the way these kids pick up where they left off, they are growing up together.

 Look at those smiles, this time was so worth it.

 Showing off their gymnastics skills and tubing!

 And then we ran into the girls' granny tubing behind her boat.

What a super fun granny!

 Did you notice we were missing one on our first tubing run?  Sam had to see it first...decided to give it a try.
 And seriously it was pure joy the entire time.
He enjoyed it after the others were done for this run!

 This on is the best.
Screams fun!
 Joe is giving us the slow down sign, hahaha

 Brent let DH drive us around, he didn't listen to Joe.  We just kept going, and kids kept squealing.

And then the skies started to look a little stormier...
rader looked good, 20% chance of storms...a little cell north of the lake.
Kids came off the tube and onto the boat so we could eat sandwiches for supper.
We heard a little thunder (and saw lightening, eeks), got the kids fed
and we knew the storm was rolling in.

So I pulled up the radar again...
oh my.

We made a haul towards their boat slip, like all the other boats caught out
on the lake with us!  It was a mess, all we could do was laugh as we 
were all piled in the back of the boat under the canopy - yeah it was a blowing wet cold rain.

We sat an waited out the storm, and the adults grabbed some sandwiches, too!
We were cold and wet but we enjoyed good company and catching up,
We were super thankful they had chosen a covered slip this season!

The summer storm passed and the kids elected to swim off the docks.

 We thought we might go back out but they were having too much fun.
Great memories made.
Hey remember that time we got caught out on Patoka....

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Blake Callahan said...

Looks like so much fun!