Some August Changes

I started a new work schedule a couple weeks ago,
we are still adjusting to the changes.  I stay at work until 7 pm so days.
Doesn't seem like a big change, but much happens at home with the family from 6-7pm,
will be a big challenge this fall during harvest.
We've prayed much about it, trust that we can make it work!

By Monday Joe was feeling better and went back to school,
 rescheduled his party for  the next Sunday afternoon.
And Tues we enjoyed mama's day off with an after school swim.
Need sunscreen?

August swims are some of my favorite, water is warm and we want to make sure
to soak up the last of  summer.
Labor day generally marks the end of pool season for us, a few warm 
days remain, but it starts to feel more like fall very fast ;(