First Day of School 2015-16

First day of school, boys were up and ready early!
Came out while I was still enjoying a cup of coffee, usually I have that done and wake them up!
They had their clothes (not outfits DH tells me b/c they are boys) ready the night before.
It was darkish and very rainy for our first day.

My 4th grader was ready, this might be a painful grimace, but it passes for a smile,
so win for mama!

Too busy for the backpack shot.

And my second grader is always more willing for the pics

Nope I was not allowed to walk them in.  Remember, mom, you saw my room at meet the teacher and I still know how to get there... Honestly, I am proud of their independence.  So I headed to work.  Blessed this year with a trial run on a schedule that allowed me to pick them up, too, on their first day.
Loved it.

And, again, keeping it real at the Grabers means showing you this, my 1st attempt at a morning picture.  It goes like this MOST of the time.

Running up the driveway is so very common, this is afterschool

And then shooting some baskets.  I missed Joe and DH playing catch because I was pulling weeds.

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