Freezer Corn

Tuesday 7.28 the sweet corn was ready for freezing.
So the boys, DH and Grandpa and I tackled the job - grandma was away cooking at camp!
We sent her some pictures cause we knew she was missing the fun.

DH and Grandpa had picked and shucked the corn by the time we got done running our morning errands.  That is the hot part of the job, so we were lucky.

Desilking the corn

Sam has really been working hard on chores this summer
and today was no different.  DH and Grandpa cooking the corn on the cob
and Joe filling water buckets for cooling

Mr Joe is like an ol pro at this.  Water coolers for the corn, it has to cool after cooking down to the cob, then it is ready for cutting off.

Grandpa great came in between trips of taking neighbors to and from their destinations - we call that hauling Amish.  Today he took a neighbor to her sister's to can beans.  He will go back and get her after she is done.  He came to supervise in the shade.  Joe is showing him that he lost another tooth.
Grandpa great told him he was sure it would grow back.
Grandpa also had Joe and Sam sneak him a few pats of corn (rows that are cut off that stick together) - he loves it that way.  Freshly cooked, but cool and before butter and salt.
It is pretty good!

There it is our 2015 freezer corn - autographed!  and the M stands for Miracle - DH 's favorite version.  We also freeze some Incredible.

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