Ice Cream with the Principal

We have some new changes at the school - including a new principal for the boys!
We have met her twice and was very nice, welcoming, and last night she had ice cream for the kiddos at meet the teacher!
Joe has Mrs. Amber Smith, Sam had her, think we are in for a great year.

She asked if there was anything she need to know and we just told her
that he is the opposite of his big brother (think she knew that)

His buddy Tye is in the class, he was super excited about that.

And Sam has Mrs. Megan Jones, he knew her from run club.
And he heard she gives time in class for homework at the end of the day.
I told him, he needs to use that time, ha!
Look at that stack of books...gonna do some learning this year.
I am excited about the Indiana History the most!

He was thrilled about having his "own" locker - has shared until now.

He helped me last night to get our lunch stations in order for the start of school.
They choose one from each bin with a sandwich and we are ready to go!  We rotate
what goes in the bins but one in fridge for applesauce/fruit/yogurt tubes, and two in pantry one for sweet and one salty!

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