Sick for Party Day :(

Day two of school we got a call from the school nurse,
love her, so glad she cares for our kids...
she said Joe is sick and it isn't day 2 of school sickness.
Sure enough strep throat.
Grandma took care of  him while I finished out my shift
at work.  We were hoping for a recovery by the next day
for his birthday party.
He woke up worse than the day before, so we had to call off the party.
That was super hard for our social boy.

Sam felt so bad for him, asked to give him one of his presents.
We decided on the magic pens.

Yep, good choice, entertained them for a sick Saturday.
So thankful it was my Saturday off, so I could be there for him.

And the message I got when I asked Sam (our super literal, understands no figures of speech boy)
to write me a secret message that I could decode with the magic pens...
it was exactly what I had asked for. {wink}

And we thought magic pens would be super cool to send to or buddies
in Bellingham, WA in their package.
We also included a favor bag from Joe's Ninja Turtle Birthday party,
secret message to decode, Sam's comic books, a wooden kitty cat from the Redwoods,
and a big thank you for their parents for our awesome time there.


Blake Callahan said...

So sweet of Sam to cheer Joe up!! Glad Joe got feeling better and we could celebrate Sunday!

Isa and Kai's mama said...

Those magic pens were a big hit {along with everything else!}! Prepare yourself for some encrypted messages. Ha. They're already in the mail. And I have no idea what they say!