When he awakes he will be eight

A party awaits for when he awakes, he will be eight!
How did my sweet baby boy turn eight?
We have made a lifetime of memories and oh so happy that we have time
for a lifetime more!
Big brother was up early waiting on Joe to open his birthday - day present (couple more for his party)

Now he is ready for the first day of school.
He said my teacher won't miss me!

We had breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa and then went to Grandma's to plan Joe's cake.
Sam and Grandma are making the cake!

He asked to be measured -yep he is growing!
Notice where Sam was at this age.

We had scheduled well visits with the boys and they went great.

Joe loves to give Dr Ruff a very hard time.  He told Dr. Ruff he would hold 
the bell.  It seemed to work great.  Joe is right on the growth chart, told
him to run up and down the stairs during TV commercial breaks, shouldn't we all?
Joe is 50 in tall and weighs 74.4 lbs.
Sam also saw Dr. Ruff and he is doing great, too.  Dr. Ruff predicts 6ft4in tall, so we shall see.
At 9&1/2 he is 60 in (5ft) and weighs 104 lbs.  Sam had a couple warts removed
and he got pretty worked up, he kept telling himself...I'm doing great, I'm doing great.
He got pretty emotional due to the pain and Joe cried for him.
We made it thru and Joe said finally I can get back to my birthday!

The birthday buddies watching 101 Dalmatians...by Joe's request. He was so excited about this.  Just a little confessional here to keep it real, our house cleaner Rose was upstairs cleaning.  I had traded days so I would normally be working, but I didn't want to miss that every other week luxury. Talk about feeling bad that someone was cleaning while I was watching a movie.  WE LOVE our Rose though, and I thanked her for all she does for us. She said you go down there and enjoy that movie, soon he won't ask you to watch with him.
 Sam went to grandma's to make the cake.  

We swam too, but just for a bit.  Joe said it is not as fun when big brother is gone.

We had haircuts to get ready for 1st day of school, and Joe requested mom's spaghetti.
We were eating and we had visitors arrive...

It was Blake and Noah with a surprise party.
They brought cake, ice cream,and balloons and all the paper goodies, great surprise!

I was also very surprised with a party at work on Friday!  I came into the place all decorated up!
We had cupcakes, BBQ pork, and cheesy potatoes and vege pizza -super yum and made for a fun Friday.  We had a good time celebrating!
I sent this pic to my cousin Stacy (it was her actual birthday) and told her we were having a party for her, too!

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