Preparing for Joe's Big Party Day!

Joe requested breakfast in bed to celebrate his birthday party day.
Bless his sweet heart, he said he waited forever in bed until we woke up, haha.
His favorite is waffles - Mindy style 
(which I am told is in microwave with butter on them, no syrup)
and his two favorite fruits, grapes and strawberries.
Sam made Joe the chocolate milk.

Sam helped me build the super cool backdrop for the ninja turtle cake.
He made it look like the turtle sewers.

We spray painted it gray (before and after church)
Didn't he do a great job?!?

We made our own numchucks for the gift bags.
 Sammy G also put together the ninja turtle fruit and vege trays!

Grandma brought the cake and Blake brought monster cookies,
we were all set!

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Blake Callahan said...

Sam did a great job!