Soaking up the last of Summer!!

We have done our best to soak up the last of summer.
The days are longer and moods are better, sunshine and fair weather sure does a person good!

Our friends Kyleigh and Breanna stopped by for a quick visit one afternoon
and I was in the pool so I didn't get good pics.  Breanna swam with her clothes on, LOL
Melissa and I had a good visit.

And after they left, Sam listened to and ENTIRE audiobook right there.
He loves books, audiobooks really have him interested right now.

And Joe lost a bottom tooth, his gap makes a sideways L

Joe is my search pinterest for crafts kind of boy.  He wanted to play with shaving cream
and he did for a long while.

Sam would rather try to cook/bake something than do a craft.
He is getting really great at it, just needed help cracking the eggs.
He loves to follow the recipe.

And I taught him how to make my mama's stroganoff recipe
, too.

I help him chop fresh pepper from the garden for yummy salads!

DH and I went on  date with friends and Sam and Joe went with Blake and Noah.
He and this minion yoyo have been inseparable since!
Cousin Morgy watched them Monday and she taught Joe a few more yoyo tricks

We swam Sunday after church -
 the boys and I hooped and hollered outside until DH came out to join us.

And then we cleaned up for a NOVA ride!

 New water cup at work from Allison- drink up and be awesome!!!

Sam is baking again - chocolate chip cookies!

And Joe looking for more crafts,

And extended hours at work  and a new partner means a new schedule for mama -
 we will all adjust and make the best of it!  Work is still close and still enjoy it!

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