Backyard Campers!

The weather was so beautiful and the forecast included a chilly evening...
mama decided we should campout at home!
The boys and I set up our small 3 person tent and we gathered our sleeping bags and pillows...
we were ready to camp when DH came home and he joined us for a fire.
It was the perfect evening. 
Chilly enough to need the fire and it was great to get rid of the Indiana bugs!
Sunset thru the trees and boy.

Roasting marshmallows...

DH makes the perfect marshmallows...they are warm from center to edge and a little toasty.
I just burn my to a crisp and the middle is still cold- ha!
We didn't have any Hershey bars so I unwrapped a billon Hershey kisses from Easter(gasp).

Inside our tent fire going, moon in the distance.
Gorgeous night.

We were snuggle bugs! And I woke up at 3 am...had to pee, was cold and stiff and wondered what on Earth I was thinking...I moved slow all morning long - ha.
It was worth it for the memories!

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